Wednesday 26 June 2013

Brixham Fish Market

This morning my alarm was set for 4:10am in order to leave Exeter and get down to Brixham in time for the fish auctions at 6:00. Many thanks to Richard of Gibsons Plaice for giving me a lift down, suppling me with requisite white coat, showing me around and later taking me to Shellfish Express in Paignton to see some live lobsters and crabs.

I found it all very interesting and as usual have documented my trip with photographs.

Click for larger and better quality.

Sunrise was 5:02 today so a bit too late to catch it

Trawler Brixham

What everyone was here for

The bidding

A public fish market tour in progress, you can book here

Who said fish buyers don't have style ;-)

Near the end of the selling

On the way back to Exeter Richard needed to pick up some hand picked crab meat from Shellfish Express in Paignton, these photographs were taken of the live crabs and lobsters in the holding tanks.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Bluebell Woods Devon

A late showing for bluebells this year, these were taken on Sunday 9th June!

Monday 3 June 2013

Exeter Respect Festival 2013

Yet another excellent weekend of Exeter Respect Festival, glorious weather and huge crowds. This year rather than concentrating my photography on the main stage I tried to capture a little more of the whole festival but with so much going on I just couldn't cover it all, hope this gives a flavour.
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Dakar Audio Club



Exeter College Contemporary Dance

Just For Funk - Breakdance

Ilaria - Belly dance


Peachy Farmer

FOS Brothers

Devon Tribal - Belly Dance